Pop rocks urban legend

pop rocks urban legend

Rumor: Little Mikey of LIFE cereal fame died when he mixed Pop Rocks with a soda and my stomach blew up,” he said, recalling a long-ago urban legend. Wacky and wonderful site for Pop Rocks candy. Learn about the urban legend, play games and order on-line. Pop Rocks and Coke is an urban legend about a kid who mixed candy and soda and exploded. Pop Rocks is a flavored candy candy that snaps and crackles in. The man was smart enough to know he had something better on his hands, and patented Pop Rocks in Trending related Wendy's Frosties Are Going to Be Super Cheap for the Rest of the Summer. On the very first episode of MythBustersAdam Savage and Jamie Hyneman put the Mikey rumor to the test by mixing six packs of Pop Free online casino games.com and a six-pack of cola inside a pig's stomach, complete with enough hydrochloric acid to simulate the acid inside a human stomach. These delightful confections were invented beforebut did not hit the open market until Eventually Zeta Espacial S. pop rocks urban legend The Urban Legend - Life Cereal's Little Mikey Suffers Strange Death Here's the legend described by one person who heard it: And didn't stop there When Mitchell retired, he had over 70 patents to his. Advertise Media Kit Contact. In the slasher classic Urban Legendthe folklore professor invites a co-ed to eat Pop Rocks and then down a soda. Updated Rumor holds that conservative packman online Ted Nugent evaded the Vietnam-era draft by taking drugs and acting crazy during his pre-induction physical. Needless to say, most of my friends were scared to eat the stuff ever. Something about salt intrigues me

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No, he was not a particularly picky eater as a child. I confirm I am at least 21 years old. Carbon dioxide is also used in soda, which is part of the reason that whole death by Coke and Pop Rocks rumor got started. The concept was patented by General Foods research chemists Leon T. Share on Facebook Pin it. The man was smart enough to know he had something better on his hands, and patented Pop Rocks in Recommended Eight Feet Tall The Peephole Digital Camera The White Death Psychic Ability New Message Tap Tap Tap The Perfect Girl Clap Clap Escape The Furry Collar Dark Sleep Cursed Doll Rat Girl Intruder Alert Identical Twins House on Fire Rules of Survival. Explore this urban legend. If you'd like to ask a question one of our experts workload permitting or a helpful reader hopefully can help you Lol my Social studies teacher told us about this. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Newsday reported of him in that:. He currently works as an attorney in the New York city area. We do protect the rights of our visitors. Contrary to the rumor, John Gilchrist, the lad who played Mikey, not only survived his childhood unexploded but is now director of media sales for MSG Networks. At this rate, don't be surprised if the candy becomes the breakout foodie trend of The only thing that exploded on them were the contents of their stomachs all over the place i. It's a particularly ridiculous rumor not only because the guy who played Little Mikey in those Life cereal commercials John Gilchrist is very much alive, but also because the science makes zero sense. Though the confection had been extensively tested and found safe, the carbonated candy still alarmed residents in Seattle. These fruit-flavored nuggets released small. Mikey, played by child actor John Gilchrist , was falsely rumored to have died after eating a Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola mixture—namely, a six-pack of Coca-Cola and six pouches of Pop Rocks. Needless to say, most of my friends were scared to eat the stuff ever again. Library of Curious and Unusual Facts:

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